“Martin Grossman supplied his prodigious speed, smarts, and energy. His contribution was invaluable.”

Christopher Barr, founding editor-in-chief of CNET, on my contribution to Lightspeed Business: Find It, Fund It, Build It, When There’s No Margin for Error, John Wiley &
Sons, 2002.


“Martin provided creative and PR input for my startup before I joined Cisco. He always did a far better job than our expensive PR firm did, and came up with brilliant and inspiring ad copy and other content. Martin influenced critical press contacts for us and worked on excellent magazine articles with them. Also, Martin put together an impressive series of events in Silicon Valley that involved venture capitalists and startups.”

Kamal Hyder
Marketing Manager
Cisco Systems


“I hope you still have a place for this. It’s a copy of the Gold Award for Best of Show at the annual Healthcare Marketing Reports show that we received for the Mount Carmel Health Physicians’ Recruitment Brochure that you wrote for us. Display it proudly. Thanks for your excellent work on this project.”

Keith Cowgill
Vice President for Marketing
Mount Carmel Medical Center
Columbus, Ohio


“Congratulations on a job well done. Eileen just handed me one of the first copies of the Discharge Planning Brochure. It is truly outstanding. I think it will go down in the annals of Upjohn Healthcare Services as on of our best pieces. You played a crucial role in the development and delivery of this product. Thanks you for your excellent work and for staying on top of all of the details.”

Ronald E. Rosenberg
Vice President for Marketing
Upjohn Healthcare Services, Inc.


“Martin played a huge role by supporting us in the writing of our book – Getting It Right the First Time. Working with Martin was delightful and his contributions were enormously helpful for us to get it right!”

John Katsaros
Internet Research Group


“I am very pleased to recommend Martin Grossman to you. I have known Marty for several years: while serving as President and CEO of U.S. Health, as a member of the VHA Central, Inc. Board of Directors, and as the President of Chapman Health International. My work has brought me into contact with the leading thinkers and managers of the health care profession and he certainly belongs in their company. Over the years, I have been consistently impressed by his skills as a marketing consultant, strategist, writer, presenter, and entrepreneur.

“He has achieved an impressive record of success. The publications, ads, scripts, and reports he has produced have been widely recognized for quality — both in content and for their production values. He is extremely knowledgeable and articulate concerning all marketing, advertising and public relations issues. His ability to work from concept through execution on a variety of complex projects for an impressive list of clients has made him a valuable resource. Without hesitation, I recommend Marty highly as a manager, presenter, facilitator, writer, and thinker. Any organization with a need for leadership, strategic thinking, and marketing and communications skills of the highest order would do well to use his services.”

Erie Chapman, J.D.
President and CEO
Chapman Health International
Former CEO, United Health Systems